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Simply Minovet Designs
Satin Hair Care & Loungewear


Craft to Wholesale with Krissy
Join Krissy Childs the owner of Simply Minovet, an expert in the sewing and crafting industry, for an interactive live chat on how to turn your sewing skills into a profitable business. Learn valuable techniques, receive expert guidance, and gain insider knowledge on effective marketing strategies.
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Automate Your Social Media Accounts
Social media is a great way to create a community, and to sell your product and services. Figuring out how to utilize your social media to work for your growing business to sell and scale is valuable. Here are some tips to help you stop wasting your time with empty inquiries:
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Meta (Facebook) Recognizes Minovet
Meta gives Simply Minovet the opportunity to meet with my congressional leader, leaders of the SBA, and to network and "Gather" with other successful business owners in Washington D.C.
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