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Automate Your Social Media Accounts

07.01.22 09:00 AM By Kristen Childs


Social media is a great way to build your following, to create a community, and to sell your product and services. There are millions of people online that are ready to view what you have to offer. Not all of them want to buy though. Figuring out how to utilize your social media to work for your business to grow, sell, and scale is very valuable and I want to drop some basic tips and resources on you to help you do just that. 

If you are a business owner and you dread the time that it requires to follow up with online inquiries, and your call-to-actions just simply aren't taking on the load you know they should, you absolutely want to take a moment to read this entire post. 

If you leave links, email address, and maybe even a phone number and they will still get in the comments and say "interested" and nothing else , don't fret. I still get these type of responses, even though I lay out all of the ways for people to officially share their interest. I added a manager and agents to my team. I built a system to take on new inquiries and to manage current accounts. Systems will save you so much time and stress. Proper procedures helps you weed out clients that will cost you more than what you bring in by working with them as well as make it easy to close potential deals and gather high quality clients.

If you are not ready to hire managers, there are ways you can do this yourself with a fully automated sales funnel.

Here are some tips to help you stop wasting your time with empty inquiries:

Before you take extra time to turn anyone into a client, make sure they are the type of client that you want. You can do this by having a lead collection process in place online. Great contact forms include more than just data roundups if that type of data collection is needed. Multiple choice topics can be added or short questionnaires to see if they would benefit from what you offer. At a minimum you want to collect their contact information. 

If they don't want to give you their information, they are probably not a high qualifying lead. Don't invest more time than you are willing to waste on those that want to inquire anonymously. Make links that lead to data collection and leave them in your posts where you are offering your services or seeking new clients. Contact forms, questionnaires, or subscription opt-ins can be used.

✨ I use Zoho Campaigns, Zoho CRM, or Zoho Forms depending on my setup for that project.
Use the information that they have provided to initiate contact outside of social media. Social media is great, but you don't want your clients to get into the habit of only contacting you on social media unless you use your social media managers (person or apps) to help you manage your communications online.

✨ I use Zoho Social to manage my leads. It integrates with Zoho CRM to collect data so you can stay up to date with all of their interactions with you online.
Have a constant contact process in place to keep potential clients up to date with current promotions, events, and information about how you can help them solve any problems they may have. Don't forget to include direct links to your checkouts.

Don't make them search for ways to pay you or to sign up. Assume all clients are lazy and illiterate. Obviously they are not, but working this way makes you leave easy and direct ways for them to pay and saves you from answering many questions like, how do I pay? You also lose your impulse buyers when they have to dig for payment buttons. #MakeItPlain and post them often! 2-3 times per email is a normal amount of times to link you payment buttons.

✨ I use Zoho Checkout for single payment pages that are customizable, so they can match your brand or websites for brand cohesion. They are embeddable!
The follow up is important, and this last step is often missed making it one of the biggest reasons why deals fall through. This is a simple sales funnel that I just layed out for you can be fully automated. I use Zoho to automate all of my sales and you can too.

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You can sign up for all of the Zoho Apps that I mentioned above individually, or all of the apps that I mentioned plus many more can be used under one subscription plans with Zoho One for the low cost of $45/mo or $37/mo if paid in an annual plan. (This is a per user rate at the time of this post). 

So no more downloading and paying for third-party integration apps to make everything talk to each other. Zoho eliminates that stress!

*Sign up to try Zoho One for free for 30 days with no credit card required at sign up and get a $100 credit with my affiliate code. 
*The links in this post contain my affiliate links. I may make a small commission off of your purchases on Zoho but it does not affect your pricing. You must use my links to earn your credits (for eligible signups). 

If you need help setting up your accounts to automate your business contact us for a quote. Subscriptions are available for monthly management if you'd like us to manage your brand behind the scenes. Monthly, quarterly, and annual plans are available.

Kristen Childs