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Learn About How You Can Start Your Own Bonnet Business
Learn About Minovet - Our Previous Bonnet Business
Shop From Our Bonnet Supply

​Do you need a quick supply of bonnets for your business?

Learn About How You Can Start Your Own Bonnet Business

Would you prefer to increase your profits by creating these items yourself?

Learn our techniques and become SMD Certified. We may even reach out to you to help us produce orders contracted by us.

Use our recognition to create a new bonnet business of your own, create bonnets for others, or work alongside us and take on contracts that we receive. We are actively looking to contract seamstresses to complete orders for our clients. With SMD certification and an active creative membership, you will have access to our list of available contracts.

Learn About Minovet - Our Previous Bonnet Business

Minovet was our luxury hair care accessory and loungewear brand. Our brand had grown to see many achievements during its run on the fashion scene. We've recently paused the continuation of our own brand until we have the financial backing and manpower to create in mass. Until then, we will continue to serve you as a small batch manufacturer that creates on-demand. That means all items are now made-to-order. We no longer keep ready to ship items in our inventory except for the busy holiday season. We offer those items on Faire.

We also offer marketing strategy as a service to become a revolving door of support. Helping others achieve the same levels of growth that I have with Minovet is what we now do. I take all of my talents and resources that I have harvested over the last 7 years and I pour that into others that are ready to get to the next level. Use my experience on building a thriving retail and wholesale brand to help you achieve your goals. If you have the capacity to purchase or create yourself and are looking for help to sell what you create, Simply Minovet is the supportive brand-friend that you need on your team. 

Read more about my achievements with Minovet and how I can use my experience to help you do the same regardless of who manufactures your items. 

​What we do and why it matters

With high rankings as a top bonnet provider in the USA, we know just what you need to succeed.

Our luxury hair care and loungewear brand, Minovet, has been recognized across the globe. Prior to shutting down our manufacturing operations to focus on the education and growth of other brands, our branded and private-label items have been placed on the shelves of organizations like Black Lives Matter (Pennsylvania, USA), Hotel Figeuroa (Los Angeles, CA, USA), The Saint Boniface (Barcelona, Spain), Casmam Media (Accra, Ghana), and various small business locations across the USA.

As seen on

We have also received promotion and recognition with companies like Black Fashion Week USA, The Look Chicago and WCIU Chicago's The Jam, Scene Chicago powered by Urban Broadcasting Media (UBM), Spotlight Radio powered by Que Radio, Boss Talk 88.9 powered by EyeScream Media, She Rocks It Magazine, & more. 

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​Learn Our Techniques

Our name continues to bring new leads to our sites. We no longer manufacture in bulk to customers outside of our contracted clients. That leaves a window of opportunity for other designers, custom shops, and seamstresses to take on the demand that Minovet used to cater to.

Rather than hoard those leads for ourselves or send them to continue their search, we offer them product sourcing services that give them the items that they desire from a SMD Certified shop.

This is where you come in...

Become SMD Certified to use our recognition to grow your brand. We will also send you quality leads every month as long as your membership is active to help you gain more sales and clientele. 


Certified members that are also paid subscribers will also have access to our Supplier Bulletin Board. Here certified members can put bids in for pending custom orders that we have available. 

Catalog of Courses

Learn how to create the top selling items that we provided at Minovet. We still have many clients and new leads that reach out to us daily and we would love for them to grab their desired items from you. Allow us to help you grow your handmade bonnet business with product design help, marketing strategy, and sales support. 

Starter Kits

Guided instructions, patterns, and fabric to get you started. 

Standard Bonnet

with adjustable ribbon

Reversible Bonnet

with adjustable ribbon

Ruffled Bonnets and Scarf Sets

Bonnet and Edge Wraps

Durags & Loc Scarves


Scrunchies & Headbands

Multiple sizes

Gift Bags

with pressing techniques


with and without the flap


Sign up to become Minovet Certified to work with us.

​Learn! Create! Get Paid! 

The demand for our items continues to grow. We need amazing seamstresses like you to help us fill the need. We will train you to complete our top-selling items, and provide contract job opportunities to our family of Minovet Certified Seamstresses. 

We will also provide you with social graphics and templates to help you recruit new customers. Earn a finders fee on all clients you refer to us and become the exclusive contracted sewer for that account.

We win big when we work together! Minovet Certification Courses are $250 each when you use your own supplies. $1,000 and up when we equip you with the machinery and supplies you need.

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Book an appointment for a consultation with one of our expert consultant to ensure we are a good fit for your brand.

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​Do you need a quick supply of bonnets for your business?

Order our signature unbranded bonnets and resell them in your shop or to your clients. Our Bonnet Supply company includes a variety of white-label bonnets that you can package to fit your own brand or the brand of those that you create for. Buy with confidence when you purchase from Simply Minovet Designs.

Minimums are as low as 10 items at wholesale prices.

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