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Meta (Facebook) Recognizes Minovet

06.01.22 09:00 AM By Kristen Childs

The Meta Boost Gather Event

I received an email from a Meta Rep about an opportunity to meet with my congressional leader, leaders of the SBA, and to network and "Gather" with other successful business owners in Washington D.C. I had just recently been inducted into the Meta Boost Leaders Network and was already given the amazing opportunity to be in a private support group by Meta themselves. That room is filled with successful business owners, and Meta Admins that are there to answer your questions, guide you on how to get the best use of the Meta Apps, as well as offer social support as needed. 

The opportunity to meet face to face with people we have connected with online as well as other leaders in the field was an opportunity I would not miss. Having all expenses paid, flight, hotel, and car, made it an extremely easy decision to make. Off to D.C. we were going. 

The welcome event included a speech that let us all know how amazing we were and why we deserved to be there. Imposter's syndrome is more common than I thought. They wiped that all away for many of us there. We we all hand selected to be a part of the group and then again with the opportunity to  come and tell our story to our congressional leaders and to the SBA.

So much happened at this event, that I'll have to give you more details in a separate post. I'll also be sharing some of the amazing business owners that I met there that I want to share with you all. I think you would love them too!


Thank you #MetaBoost for such a dope opportunity and for showing me that I am worth it and deserve it all. #LeadersNetwork #Gather2022

#Meta made a small black owned fashion designers day! Yeah. That poncho is a Minovet original.

So I did a thing y’all! I stepped out of my comfort zone and met some dope bosses!!!!!!!!! So much is about to come from...

Posted by Krissy Childs on Monday, May 16, 2022

Kristen Childs